Thursday, 14 June 2012

Emma Stone covers American Vogue

 I adore Emma Stone. Not only is she a very talented actress and an intelligent woman, she also has impeccable style; I don't think I've ever seen her put a foot wrong, fashion-wise. She's been due a Vogue cover for a long time, and I'm glad Anna Wintour has finally seen the light and given her the cover she deserves.
While it is a beautiful cover, Emma looks as though she is about to cry, and coupled with her state of undress - a Nina Ricci dress that looks like lingerie - it makes for a slightly uncomfortable sitting. 
I also wish Emma had her dyed red again, but as she's promoting Spiderman, it makes sense that she's blonde. 
I'm looking forward to seeing the accompanying editorial. 


  1. I agree, as much as she looks gorgeous blonde, I much prefer her with red hair x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. She looks great blonde!
    Makes her eyes really stand out!

    Laura x


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