Friday, 26 March 2010

Lost In A Forest

The ever talented Rosie M and I went out and took some pictures for her final A Level art project. I've stolen a few. One day I will get my camera fixed and I will stop relying on Rosie. But until that day...

I really like this one (above). Not sure why. For know, I'll just say: the composition looks nice (kudos Rosie).

Bonding with my friend, the tree.

I'm wearing: American Apparel leotard (just seen in some shots) Topshop shirt, H&M skirt and the lovely New Look boots. 
Flo x

The most beautiful watch in the world*

*I'm biased; this may not be true.

I wanted a watch for my 18th birthday. However, when it rolled around, I hadn't found one that I liked. So my loving godmother told me when I found one, she'd buy it for me. About 2 weeks after my birthday, I discovered this Marc Jacobs beauty. 
While I was looking for a watch, I maintained I didn't want a basic watch, I wanted something funky (my previous watch was pink and floral, from Swatch). But nothing seemed quite right. But when I saw this gorgeous time piece behind the glass, I had to have it. I adore the classic shape, the letters instead of numbers and the way it sits on my arm - loose but not too loose. 
I wear it with my Links charm bracelet (another birthday present) and a charm bracelet that used to belong to my mother. You can't really see them though, on account of the paper string from the party popper from Mimi's birthday.
Flo x

Happy Birthday Mimi!

My friend Miranda turned the big 1-8 today. 
So I made some cupcakes:

Rosie also made a cake:

Our lunch (in the oh-so-stylish common room) consisted off sausage rolls, tortilla chips & salsa, toffee popcorn, cupcakes and Rosie's cake. She put some Philadelphia in the icing in the middle, which tasted great with the chocolate.
Flo x

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kudos to Keira

I'm not really Keira Knightley's biggest fan, well, not since she ruined Pride & Prejudice with her pouting. 
But then she wore Erdem to the Laurence Olivier Awards earlier this week. 
I did a blog post about this collection a few weeks ago (I would do a link to it but I don't know how).
Suddenly, I like Keira a whole lot more. 

I love the print, and the way the colours on it work together. 
Here it is on the catwalk:

Flo x

UPDATE: I worked out how to do links. Here is the one for my Erdem post. I don't think I even posted a picture of Keira's dress but, meh, I can do links now. 

Keira images via:
Catwalk image via:

Monday, 22 March 2010

My new obsession

Ever since my last post, I have been obsessing over these shoes.
I've been thinking about all the places I can wear them with and all the things I can wear them with. 
I may have to get them. 
Flo x

Friday, 19 March 2010

Shoe Heaven

While waiting for my bus in town today, I had an epiphany (who knew Canterbury bus station could be so inspiring?):
I need some shoes in my life that have a either a wedge or a peep toe, but preferably both.

The gorgeous booties are from Topshop, as are these wedges: 

I like these beauties from Office, and they're not too expensive either:

The black sandals also come in pale pink, with a lighter wooden heel, which I like as well, but I would probably wear these more. 

My aspirational shoes:

Above and below are Jimmy Choos. 

Alexander Wang



Christian Louboutin

Right, I'm off to see if I have anything similar to any of these in my  wardrobe. If not, I'm off to the shops. 
Flo x

Topshop shoes via:
Office shoes via:
Jimmy Choo and Alexander Wang shoes via:
Chanel shoes via:
Burberry shoes via:
Christian Louboutin shoes via:

Printed trousers: LOVE

I don't wear trousers (unless they're slim black Audrey Hepburn style ones) and I rarely wear jeans. 
However, I am very intrigued by printed/patterned trousers. They've got all the excitement of a printed dress or skirt, but easier to wear. I tend to stick to wearing darker colours so these brighter trousers seem like a risk, but one I'm willing to take. 
ASOS has got some really good ones at the moment: 

These ones are my favourite. They're silk and they're lovely and I have big love for the print.

If I had lots of money, I would buy these rather more expensive trousers:


Sass & Bide


The Chloe ones are my favourite. They're a great shape. I love the way the pattern looks like leopard print but the shapes are ever so slightly different, which would look really interesting when they're being worn. 

Flo x

First three photos via:
Last three photos via:

Monday, 15 March 2010

One summer day

Okay. So, I'm English. This means that when the sun comes out, I, like the rest of the population behave strangely. 
Take today for example, it was only 9 degrees celcius, but the sun was out. So my friend drove to school with the windows rolled down. A girl applied sun cream in the common room. I had ice cream for lunch. See what I mean? Strange behaviour.  
As the sun was out for the first (and probably last) time in a while, my friends and I took advantage of the good weather and walked to the shop for ice cream during our lunch break.

Thrilled that the sun is out.

Lora chose the ice cream previously known as Feast for her first of the year. 
I had a Strawberry Split. 

The ice cream was quickly devoured, despite the cold (and the threat of seagull attack).

Flo x

All photos taken by the super talented Rosie M and her super awesome camera.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wednesday, Period 2.

Boredom sets in at school when I don't have any lessons and/or work. I cropped the picture so that you can't see the grossness that are my school toilets. It's a glamorous life I lead.
I'm wearing a Uniqlo cardigan, H&M t-shirt and skirt, Topshop tights and Office brogues with a Marc B bag and my usual collection of bracelets - my hair is tied with a ribbon from Liberty's.
Flo x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

There's nothing on TV.

I'm wearing a Zara coat, Topshop dress and tights (with seams and bows on the back!) and Office brogues.
Flo x

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