Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My latest obsession

Well I officially moved into the library on Monday, and the only thing getting me through the revision is the reward I can buy myself on Friday. 
The reward is this gorgeous skirt from Topshop by Meadham Kirchhoff:
I must get back to my new best friend Heathcliff now.
Flo x
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Leave of Absence

My exams start very soon so I will not be updating for a while. 
I would like to say this is what I will be wearing while I revise, but thats not the case, sadly. 
Flo x

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Class of '03

There is a tradition at my school which involves the leaving class to "muck up" the school on their last day. 
After 7 long years, it was finally my class' turn. Our theme (because there are always themes) was convicts and/or prison, depending on who you asked. 

As our theme was convicts, it meant that everyone had to dress up in accordance with the theme, which meant we were all wearing bright orange jumpsuits (see below).

Two of my favourite people
Generally causing havoc.....

The theme did leave the year group with an interesting sartorial dilemma - how do you make a men's regular (the smallest size available) look good? I think everyone did really well. 
The main accessory was a head band/scarf:

Sunglasses, stripy tees and silly masks were also used:

I wore my jumpsuit with a Topshop vest and sunglasses, vintage bag, bandana stolen from one of my parents and converse. 
Does anyone else's school have any ridiculous traditions? I'd love to hear about them.
Flo x

Happy Birthday Bear!

My little brother turned SIXTEEN yesterday. I can't believe he's all grown up. He's been taller than me for a while now, but that's not the point. I'm taking him to get a lottery ticket later.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


The o2 Academy has a photobooth, which they call at Snapbooth, where you can have your photo taken. You text number, and the screen counts down for the photo to be taken. However, the lense is quite a bit higher up the wall than the screen, and our first photo came out like this. 
We decided to try again, but this time we stared at the screen and hoped the photo would come out better than the first.

I'm not sure which I prefer.
Flo x

La Roux

Last night, two friends and I went to see La Roux at the o2 Academy. It took us a while to get there - the Victoria line was suspended just as we got to onto the train, so getting there was a bit of a mission - but we made it. 

Totally loving it.

La Roux was really good - she interacted with the audience, she sounded like she did on the album and generally performed well. HOWEVER, she was only on for 45 minutes - she was good, but her performance was rather short and she didn't do all the songs from the album. There were two support acts (Jamie Woon and Coco Sumner) but we missed them thanks to our transport issues.

I'm wearing a leather jacket, leotard and jeans from Topshop, and a bandeau from American Apparel. 
Charlotte's coat is from Aquascutum, but she got it from Ebay for £30, and then cropped it. I'm planning to borrow it as soon as possible.
Flo x

The mystery of the Topshop lookbook

This is the main photo from the Topshop "Summer Fete" look book. It's a great look. I really want her skirt. Or is it a dress? You can't tell and Topshop doesn't tell you. It could be two identical skirts layered up. If anyone knows the secret of this look tell me, because I really want that skirt/dress.
Flo x  

Friday, 7 May 2010

Rebel rebel

Last Friday I got my ear pierced in my cartilage. I've been holding off from posting it on here because of disapproving parents. But it's been a week and they haven't noticed (or they've noticed and don't care). 
SO. It didn't hurt when my ear was actually pierced, but it hurt afterwards and I can't sleep on it (which is unfortunate as I sleep on my left side). I can take it out in three months time, and then I'm replacing the bar with a ring.
My hair's not greasy - I took the photo just after I had a bath.
Flo x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Colour Co-ordination

As my brother helpfully pointed out today, my new Topshop make-up nail polish matches my iPod. 
Accidental colour co-ordination at its best. 
Flo x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Topshop Make-Up

I'm not sure why they haven't done it before, but Topshop has FINALLY released a make-up range. 
I went in this morning and bought a kohl eyeliner pencil and some mint green nail varnish called "Gone Fishin", that looks like the colour Chanel were doing a couple of seasons ago. Prices are good - £4 for the eyeliner and £5 for the nail varnish. It comes in this really cute bag too.
The kohl eyeliner works really well - I may be swayed from my usual Rimmel liquid eyeliner. And the nail varnish is a fab colour and works really well - the brush is a good size and it dries quickly (this is a real plus because I get bored waiting for my nails to dry.

I also want to get the liquid eyeliner (I have to use mine up first!) - it's brush is like a felt pen tip, except it comes to a really sharp point, so you can get some really fine lines with it (unfortunately I don't have a picture of it).
The only part of the collection I'm not sure about is the eyeshadow duos. I've never understood the purpose of them - there's always one colour you like better and you use it up more or it blends with the other colour and then its destroyed and you have to throw it away. Or am I the only person who goes through that pain?
I want to try the lipstick as well, but I should probably wait for my next pay cheque.
Flo x

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Prom dresses

My END OF SCHOOL FOREVER ball is coming up, and I have to make* a dress (I'm not buying, I don't want to take the risk of turning up in the same dress as someone else). I decided on a 50s style dress, to be made with a Butterick pattern. It will be pale pink with a layer of black lace over the top, based on a dress I found in a vintage shop in Covent Garden. The dress Anne Hathaway wore to the Met Gala has an identical bodice, but a much longer skirt.

But then I was messing around on the computer, googling dresses for inspiration and I saw THIS DRESS. 

Emma Watson in Ossie Clark at the most recent Harry Potter premiere. I had totally forgotten about how gorgeous is. All my plans for my prom dress went out the window. THEN I saw the price. And my little ball gown plans were back on. BUT I am going to a wedding soon (holiday pending), so I might make* one.
Flo x

 *By "make", I mean, enlist Mama E's help. 

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

Today was not only a bank holiday (with disappointing weather), but it was also my godmother's birthday party. We had a meal at our friend's beautiful house which is in the middle of the countryside. 
We had a delicious lunch, of which the highlight was the chicken pie, and the desserts (all made by Mama E).

The birthday cake (above) and stuffed plum tart (below)
Rhubarb Fool, which was really good, despite the fact that it had rhubarb in it.

My godmother's dog, Bruno

My friend's dog, Lolly 

Mama E makes an appearance

Best phone EVER.

Just when you think you can't eat anymore, my godmother produces a Victoria Sponge.

Flo x

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