Sunday, 19 September 2010

New glasses, new room.

Before I left for university, I decided I wanted some new glasses. I had a pair that I really disliked, and as a result, I really didn't wear them. I bought this Dior pair from Vision Express - they were expensive, but the amount of time I will spend wearing them justifies the price - I've already worn them so many times in the 10 days that I've had them.  

This is my new room in my halls at university, and this is the only place where I can get an full length outfit shot - standing on my bed, with my camera on the shelves opposite. I don't have a full length mirror, so I'm using this technique to see what my clothes look like. It does make deciding what shoes to wear difficult. 
I'm wearing a black H&M cotton dress, black M&S tights and my Dior glasses.
Flo x

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Porefessional

I was in Fenwicks with my mother yesterday, picking up a few (very) last minute bits and pieces for university. We didn't want to wait for ages in a queue for the concession we were at, so we went round the corner, to the Benefit stand. 
The girl there was very helpful and rang up our purchases. Seeing a sales oppourtunity, she showed my mother and I the latest Benefit product, The Porefessional. 
The Porefessional is designed to "minimize the appearance of pores", and makes skin appear less shiny. The sample I tried on my hand made my skin feel really smooth and silky.  I've been looking for a product like this for a while, and at £23, the price seems pretty good, as I know from experience that Benefit products last for ages. 
Also, the sales girl looked really nice. I dislike buying products from women at store concessions whose make-up is way to over done - they are not good adverts for their brand, however the sales girl had a minimal amount of make-up on her skin, and a little bit of eyeliner on, and it seemed like she understood the make-up she was selling, so kudos to her. 
Flo x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Wardrobe Dilemma

I'm sure its pretty obvious that I love clothes, and I have quite a lot of them. One of the biggest problems I had when packing for university was deciding what clothes to bring. In the end, I bought about half of them, but when I was making my wardrobe decisions, I forgot to factor in what kind of wardrobe would be in my room in halls. 
This is what awaited me:
My mother, who had lugged my two suitcases of clothes and two bags of shoes upstairs just laughed at me. 
Not all of my clothes are in here - some are in the drawers in my desk, and everything is triple hung. I also have all my trousers and jeans piled on the floor of the wardrobe. I had to send a lot of stuff home with my mother, because I couldn't justify keeping it here. If (when) I buy any new clothes I'm really not sure where I'll put them.
Flo x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What (Grace and) I Wore To: Sit on a bench

Grace is wearing a Topshop jacket with an H&M top and skirt.
I'm wearing a Topshop dress and jacket (that belongs to Grace), with Office boots and my vintage bag. 
Flo x

Last Night Out

I move out tomorrow. So my friends and I went out for one final time together.
It made me realise just how much I'm going to miss them. 
A new patisserie opened in Canterbury (typical - just as I leave!). What's not a place to love about a cafe that has pretty wallpaper and serves me ice cream and wine at 11pm? 

Sixth form was the best two years of my life. 
The End. 
Flo x  

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Grazie Grazia

I'm a big fan of Grazia magazine - it's my favourite weekly magazine. I like the way its different every week and one regular piece that really interests me is the debates they have on an issue that has arisen from the news that week. 
They ask their followers to give their opinions on whatever topic is being discussed. The topics are not always relevant to me (anything to do with working in an office, for example) but the debate from Issue 267 (3rd May 2010) was something I have experience in and felt strongly about. So, I tweeted them, and my tweet was printed. 

Flo x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend

We spent the bank holiday weekend at my godmother's house near Southwold, to celebrate her daughter's birthday.  I made an Eton Mess, in lieu of a birthday cake, and Lily (the birthday girl) helped me clear up the whisks afterwards.
We even bought the dogs with us.
I'm wearing an ASOS tee and Topshop jeans, and Lily is in her birthday top (from Monsoon).
We visited the pier at Southwold, which has an attraction on it called The Under The Pier Show, which twists traditional arcade games into something interesting and unique. The Expressive Photobooth is one example, and my favourite part of the arcade. 
Like a traditional photobooth, it takes four pictures, but it selects the emotions it wants from you. To create Picture 4, the seat drops and Picture 1 comes from our previous turn in the booth, featuring my brother. The Under The Pier Show is, in fact, on Southwold Pier. It's well worth a look if you're ever in the area. 
Flo x

Monday, 6 September 2010


One of the biggest worries I have about going to university, other than not understanding my course, not making friends, and getting hopelessly lost, is being so disorganised that I lose everything I need, forget to do really important essays, and flunk out of my course (my fears do have a tendency to snowball into the ridiculous). 
I was reading Sofia's Journal, when I came across her post about her Filofax obsession . It reminded me, in a way, of the homework diaries I had used while doing my GCSEs, and how useful they were. 
So, while in Bluewater last week, I remembered Sofia's post, and I dragged my brother into WHSmith, where I spent a long time agonising over the Filofax display. In the end, I chose a Domino, personal sized Filofax, in what my mother describes as "ox-blood red".
Isn't it gorge?
I love the little ruler that marks which week it is, and the loop to hold the pen, so I don't have to worry about keeping one in my bag. 
You can also buy all sorts of accessories to go with the Filofax, and register it online, so that it can be returned to you if it gets lost, which is a brilliant idea for someone like me.
Flo x

New room

When we moved into our house, my brother and I drew straws and I ended up with the room with the en-suite bathroom and three built in wardrobes. Last week, I moved out of that room, and into my brother's much smaller room because, in 10 days time, I will be leaving home for the first time and moving into halls at my university. 
Even though I had just got my room exactly how I wanted it, I had to take down all the pictures from my wardrobe of inspiration, pack up all my clothes and shoes and take them down the corridor to what is now my room. 
I kept my favourite photos that I had stuck up on my wardrobe and I finally organised my books and magazines, even though I'm going to have to pack most of them up again really soon.We found the chest of drawers with my name on it (see below) in a antique shop in a village near where I live years ago - I was still in primary school. It's doing a wonderful job as bedside table. 
Although the new room is a lot smaller and has a much less storage space than my last one, I really like it - it is really cosy and the lack of wardrobes means I have to be really disciplined and keep the room tidy. So far, I'm doing alright with that. 
Flo x

Sunday, 5 September 2010

click click SNAP

I'm not the only disposable camera fan in my family - my brother uses them a lot as well. He gave me permission to select my favourite pictures from the camera he took on our holiday and put them on here. 

Flo x

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