Monday, 18 July 2011

The Carrie

Whistles' Carrie skirt has been one of the most popular high street pieces this season - Grazia had an entire feature celebrating it.  I broke my budgeting rules and bought one (once I'd tried it on, I just had to have it). I wore it for a day out in London for my friend's birthday, with lace up espadrilles and a denim jacket. 
I have been wondering how I'm going to continue wearing it when the weather gets cooler - the midi-skirt trend is showing no signs of abating, but I never think of pink as a winter colour. But Whistles has solved my dilemma, by releasing the Carrie skirt in red. 

Isn't it gorgeous? If I had a spare £125 lying around, I'd snap it up in an instant. But I'm an unemployed student, so if you have the money, get it while you can.

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