Sunday, 17 July 2011

What I Wore To: Switzerland

For a country famed for it's mountains and snow, Switzerland is surprisingly warm. I could only take a carry-on case (thanks Easy Jet!), but I managed to get enough clothes for eight days into one tiny suitcase. Other than the clothes in these photos, I took one more skirt, top and dress with me, as well as some ballet pumps and Converse and that was it. I made sure that everything I bought with me went with at least two other items, so that I always had an outfit to wear. 
I'm wearing: Topshop t-shirt, Whistles skirt, Office sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses (I caved and bought some at the airport!).
Grace is wearing H&M jumper and jeans with Clarks Originals sandals.
Topshop t-shirt, American Apparel shorts, Office sandals and Ray Ban sunglasses.
H&M dress, Zara belt, Office sandals, Topshop bag and Ray Ban sunglasses.
I'm wearing: H&M shirt and skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses and Liberty headscarf (just seen). 
Grace is wearing a vintage shirt and American Apparel shirts (we have the same pair).

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  1. Love the outfit in the third picture, you're adorable!

    xo Maddy


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