Friday, 5 August 2011

Glitter shoes

I saw these gorgeous shoes on the Topshop website about three weeks ago and spent the following fortnight looking at them obsessively every day. I could have ordered them, but being of an awkward shoe size (anywhere between 3 and 5), I had to wait until I went to Oxford Circus to try them on. 
When I finally made it to Oxford Circus, Topshop had sold out of size 3, so I tried on size 4, and to my disappointment, the shoes were not what I had expected. As with a lot of glitter-coated shoes, they were quite rigid, but that normal softens out in time. However, they were also hugely wide, but my toes were crushed against the end, which is such a pity, because if they had fit, I'd have bought them and probably never taken them off my feet.
I definitely want a pair of glittery shoes for A/W '11, for wearing with cropped trousers and baggy knitwear as well as to parties. Has anyone seen any good pairs?

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  1. That's a shame, they were so pretty :( I saw these on ASOS: One and

    Sirens and Bells xx


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