Monday, 15 March 2010

One summer day

Okay. So, I'm English. This means that when the sun comes out, I, like the rest of the population behave strangely. 
Take today for example, it was only 9 degrees celcius, but the sun was out. So my friend drove to school with the windows rolled down. A girl applied sun cream in the common room. I had ice cream for lunch. See what I mean? Strange behaviour.  
As the sun was out for the first (and probably last) time in a while, my friends and I took advantage of the good weather and walked to the shop for ice cream during our lunch break.

Thrilled that the sun is out.

Lora chose the ice cream previously known as Feast for her first of the year. 
I had a Strawberry Split. 

The ice cream was quickly devoured, despite the cold (and the threat of seagull attack).

Flo x

All photos taken by the super talented Rosie M and her super awesome camera.

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