Friday, 26 March 2010

The most beautiful watch in the world*

*I'm biased; this may not be true.

I wanted a watch for my 18th birthday. However, when it rolled around, I hadn't found one that I liked. So my loving godmother told me when I found one, she'd buy it for me. About 2 weeks after my birthday, I discovered this Marc Jacobs beauty. 
While I was looking for a watch, I maintained I didn't want a basic watch, I wanted something funky (my previous watch was pink and floral, from Swatch). But nothing seemed quite right. But when I saw this gorgeous time piece behind the glass, I had to have it. I adore the classic shape, the letters instead of numbers and the way it sits on my arm - loose but not too loose. 
I wear it with my Links charm bracelet (another birthday present) and a charm bracelet that used to belong to my mother. You can't really see them though, on account of the paper string from the party popper from Mimi's birthday.
Flo x

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