Friday, 19 March 2010

Shoe Heaven

While waiting for my bus in town today, I had an epiphany (who knew Canterbury bus station could be so inspiring?):
I need some shoes in my life that have a either a wedge or a peep toe, but preferably both.

The gorgeous booties are from Topshop, as are these wedges: 

I like these beauties from Office, and they're not too expensive either:

The black sandals also come in pale pink, with a lighter wooden heel, which I like as well, but I would probably wear these more. 

My aspirational shoes:

Above and below are Jimmy Choos. 

Alexander Wang



Christian Louboutin

Right, I'm off to see if I have anything similar to any of these in my  wardrobe. If not, I'm off to the shops. 
Flo x

Topshop shoes via:
Office shoes via:
Jimmy Choo and Alexander Wang shoes via:
Chanel shoes via:
Burberry shoes via:
Christian Louboutin shoes via:

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