Monday, 6 September 2010

New room

When we moved into our house, my brother and I drew straws and I ended up with the room with the en-suite bathroom and three built in wardrobes. Last week, I moved out of that room, and into my brother's much smaller room because, in 10 days time, I will be leaving home for the first time and moving into halls at my university. 
Even though I had just got my room exactly how I wanted it, I had to take down all the pictures from my wardrobe of inspiration, pack up all my clothes and shoes and take them down the corridor to what is now my room. 
I kept my favourite photos that I had stuck up on my wardrobe and I finally organised my books and magazines, even though I'm going to have to pack most of them up again really soon.We found the chest of drawers with my name on it (see below) in a antique shop in a village near where I live years ago - I was still in primary school. It's doing a wonderful job as bedside table. 
Although the new room is a lot smaller and has a much less storage space than my last one, I really like it - it is really cosy and the lack of wardrobes means I have to be really disciplined and keep the room tidy. So far, I'm doing alright with that. 
Flo x

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  1. what a gorgeous chest of drawers! the room looks great :) xo


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