Monday, 6 September 2010


One of the biggest worries I have about going to university, other than not understanding my course, not making friends, and getting hopelessly lost, is being so disorganised that I lose everything I need, forget to do really important essays, and flunk out of my course (my fears do have a tendency to snowball into the ridiculous). 
I was reading Sofia's Journal, when I came across her post about her Filofax obsession . It reminded me, in a way, of the homework diaries I had used while doing my GCSEs, and how useful they were. 
So, while in Bluewater last week, I remembered Sofia's post, and I dragged my brother into WHSmith, where I spent a long time agonising over the Filofax display. In the end, I chose a Domino, personal sized Filofax, in what my mother describes as "ox-blood red".
Isn't it gorge?
I love the little ruler that marks which week it is, and the loop to hold the pen, so I don't have to worry about keeping one in my bag. 
You can also buy all sorts of accessories to go with the Filofax, and register it online, so that it can be returned to you if it gets lost, which is a brilliant idea for someone like me.
Flo x


  1. Ahhhhh, I LOVE the red. SO beautiful. Absolutely perfect choice & thanks for the shoutout. xx

  2. I love my filofax too! Check out how I orgainsed mine at

    I just discovered your blog and I really like it!

  3. i bought this EXACT one, after reading sofia's post too! she's a bad influence, making me want all these products she tests out and loves :) xo

  4. I have a brown one, I would have prefered to get something more colorful but that was the only one left


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