Saturday, 18 December 2010

The best shoes in the world.

I think the whole of Britain is aware of the fact that its snowing. And there is a lot of said snow. However, this morning when I left home for work, there was no snow, so I left my welly boots in the car. Big mistake. 
However, I made a sensible shoe choice today - my beautiful black heeled desert boots from Office (I wrote about them here, but I haven't posted anything more about them, which is odd, given the huge number of times I've worn them).
Here are the blue ones (they also come in grey):
I work for Office, and I got my pair of these back in September, but although they're sold out in most stores now, there are some small sizes left on the website in the blue and grey (no sign of the black ones).
The rubber sole had perfect grip on the snow and I didn't slip over once (even on the ice on the hill) when I walked back to my car, and the laces kept my feet nice and snug in my shoes. I thought I couldn't love these shoes more than I already do, but I was wrong. When they come back into stock, I'm buying myself another pair. 

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