Saturday, 18 December 2010

That's enough snow, thanks.

Thanks to the snow, it took me two hours to get home from work tonight (the journey normally takes me 20 minutes). Luckily I was all wrapped up in several winter layers. 
I finally found a big cosy man-style coat (I've been looking for one for ages) in Topshop a couple of weeks ago. It's got lots of lovely pockets to keep my hands warm, but it means that when I get back to my flat, I have to spend ages hunting for my keys, which are always inevitably in the last pocket I look in.
My coat and hat are from Topshop, my scarf was a birthday present and my desert boots are from Office (I raved about them here). 
I'm sure everyone is doing this, but here's a picture of the snow in Canterbury - I'm back at home for Christmas break, so I was at work when the snow started. It had been snowing for about 45 minutes at this point:
While I was keeping warm in Topshop on my lunch break, I bumped into Gem, who writes Gem Fatale's Style Blog. She was so lovely and chatted to me for a few minutes - you should definitely go and check out her blog if you have a chance.

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