Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Holiday: Paris

I can say without a doubt that Paris is my favourite city in the world. This visit with the family is the third time that I've been to the French capital - before I went for a long weekend as a treat with Mum, and then for a day trip with my school (when I still studied art).
We walked to the Eiffel Tower, to show my siblings the city, as they haven't been before.  
We decided to go in the evening because the tower lights up and it's rather pretty.
To take this photo, my brother had to sit on the floor and I had to stand on tip-toes because the tower is so tall. 

The next day we walked through St Germain and went to Printemps. Before we left, we went to Les Deux Magots, a cafe on the Boulevard St. Germain, just down from the Cafe de Flore. 
My brother and I actually looking alike in a photo for once. 
Flo x

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