Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Lifetime of Obsession

When I was very young, about five maybe, I saw the Wizard Of Oz for the first time. And while I was not only entranced by Oz itself, and the way Dorothy's life changed from black and white to colour, I was also drawn to The Ruby Slippers. For my birthday that year, my grandmother gave me a pair of (gold) glittering shoes that I adored and wore and wore until all the glitter fell off. 
Dorothy was so many years ahead of current trends - she paired heels and ankle socks together years ago.
Over the years, I've lusted after many a pair of red heels, but never bought a pair. I gear up to get them, gather my funds, try them on several times, to make sure that they are the perfect fit, but I never commit.I always make some excuse at the last minute and back out.
I think now though, I may have found my perfect pair. Although I have yet to try them on, these (supposedly "burgundy") heels from Office.
They are suede (my favourite fabric for shoes), with a good, solid, but not-ridiculously-high heel. They don't look as harsh as some other red shoes do and they are not as tough as some of the shoes of previous seasons. I could see myself wearing them with a pair chinos or tailored trousers. 
The shoes are a good red - not too bright, but not too purple either - the suede makes the colour look classy, which I don't think it would work if the shoes was patent, or matte leather (I am rather picky about my reds as I had to wear a post-box-red jumper every day for seven years at primary school).
I think I may have to make the investment.
Flo x

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