Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The (disposable) camera never lies

You may not have noticed, but I rather like disposable cameras. I think for me it is the anticipation of not knowing how the photos are going to come out, which is why I seem to spend a lot of my time floating listlessly around Boots as I wait for the hour it takes for my photos to be developed to end. Most of the time I am disappointed - 6 out of 25 photos came out of the camera I used at Lounge on the Farm came out. My friend, however, had more luck with her one:
Disposable camera photos can't really be edited (by an amateur like me anyway) - what is in the picture is what the camera saw, and that what really draws me to them. The pictures are never perfect, but it's the imperfections in them that I like. 
Flo x

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