Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Holiday Purchases

A few things I picked up on my travels:
1. A hair cream by J.F. Lazartigue. 
When I went to Paris a few years ago, I had a "hair consultation" at the concession J.F. Lazartigue in Printemps and the woman there recommended I used this product. The cream weighs my hair down and stops it from frizzing and going dry, but it doesn't make it look greasy or pull out the curls. I've never been able to find it in the UK, so when we were there I had to pick some up. 
2. A birthday present for someone very special.
3. Delicious macaroons from Laduree. 
4. Foaming face wash by Caudalie. 
Until recently, the only place Caudalie was available in the UK was Space N.K, who charged quite a lot for it. Recently, Boots have been stocking it, but the price has been a little high for my meagre budget, especially now that I have to buy my own skincare products. However, in France, you can pick Caudalie up at any pharmacy. I've used the Facial Foaming Mousse for several years now - it's very gentle for sensitive skin like mine, but it is pretty effective for use against spots. 
5. Chocolate for the Lindt shop (a whole shop, devoted to chocolate - my idea of heaven).

I bought this gorgeous jacket from Pinko. The sleeves are rather long but it's a beautiful cut and it fits like a dream. I bought it from a designer outlet in Tuscany, far superior to the ones in England (it had a Prada store), reduced from 275€ to 75€.
Flo x

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