Monday, 15 February 2010

Geek Chic

About three years ago, before I got contact lenses, it was not cool to wear glasses. Now it's a whole different ball game. Glasses are THE cool accessory, whether there are lenses or plain old glass in the frames. Being a geek has become trendy, and suddenly other geeky things have become part of mainstream style, like wearing ankle socks with pumps and brogues, and wearing braces and doing up the top button on a shirt. 
As someone who, at least for some of the time, has to wear glasses, I'm glad that they've become stylish because it means that more frames have become available. 
Ray Bans <3

Prism (I love this model's hair)

Even Topshop has got in on the act. 
Flo x

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  1. I read a very similar post on Intrinsically Florrie just the other day! It really annoys me that I have glasses and really like the geek chic look and wear it with my pinafores and cardigans and the such like, but I really can't wear geeky glasses. My face is a bit too chubby to pull off really dark angular specs, which is really annoying, because wearing my normal glasses with geeky clothes just looks a bit weird. So I have to continue wearing contacts. WHAT a pain.


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