Monday, 22 February 2010

London Fashion Week, er, Sunday

Yesterday, after a minor car-related disaster (apparently the oil-gasket blew while we were on the motorway), Dad and I headed for London Fashion Week. Thanks to the car, and the ineptitude of South-Eastern rail services, we missed the Betty Jackson show (grrr), but we were right on time for Margaret Howell. We sat front row, which was more than a little bit cool, and we were opposite Alexandra Shulman (I had a minor fashion geek meltdown). A few people down from us was Alexa Chung, who is one of my style inspirations, but I did have to explain to my father who she was. 
I do wish I wasn't wearing my glasses in this picture though - I look a bit stupid. 
Margaret Howell's collection was as good as ever - lots of chunky knits and tartan with belted waists and mannish trousers, jackets and shoes. The colour scheme was definitely toned down, but there a couple of bright splashes of red here and there. Also in the collection were some gorgeous coats, which I may have to get my parents to invest in next season.
Todd Lynn was next, presenting a uniform-inspired collection, in muted colours similar to those at Margaret Howell, with lots of big furry shoulder pieces.

Military style jackets and narrow leg trousers made up a large part of the collection, so I don't think I need to be worrying about parting from my skinny jeans just yet. 
The next show was Louise Goldin for Topshop, which I didn't get any pictures of (sob). But I think all that really needs to be said of the green-themed collection is that Lady Gaga will probably be putting in a large order soon and that I really want some red rhinestone studded leggings/cycling shorts. 
Finally, we headed to the Banqueting House for Julien Macdonald. The first show I was at LFW was when I was 15 and it was a Julien Macdonald presentation, with Naomi Campbell and Lily Cole on the catwalk. Unfortunately, we couldn't get seats because the security guard had taken on the belief that everyone needed to KEEP BACK and away from the catwalk. But even with my limited view of the show I could see that lace, thick knits and muted colours will be the way to go next season. 

When we returned to the car, much later than expected thanks to signal failure at Victoria, it was still broken, so while we waited for the AA, we ended up in a pub in Rochester.  As a result, my outfit photo was taken on my phone, which has a terrible camera.

I'm wearing a vintage scarf, which is actually meant to be part of a sari, that I stole from my mother, Topshop (faux) leather jacket, Topshop net skirt with petticoat and my lovely New Look boots which Alexa Chung told me she liked, when I said I liked her Chanel ones. 
Flo x

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  1. How on EARTH did you get to go to all these shows????!!! I am so so jealous!!


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