Friday, 5 February 2010

Leopard and Lime.

These pictures are a few weeks old but my camera decided to die on me and I can't take any new pictures. This green-themed outfit is inspired by Katie Mackay of the blog What Katie Wore, and was taken by my talented friend Grace. 
I'm wearing a scarf that used to belong to my mum, and is actually a sari, a Topshop faux fur coat, a locket that used to belong to my grandmother, a Calvin Klein jersey tee, an H&M skirt and heeled loafers from Office.

Feeling like I'm in an old movie...

Flo x

All photo editing by the talented Miss Grace


  1. That is an adorable outfit! I love the bright scarf :)
    Your blog is awesome!

  2. adore that last photo! thanks for all the love on my really means a lot to me :)



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