Monday, 1 February 2010

London Town

I spent an enjoyable weekend in London, spending my hard-earned wages. I'll post some picks of what I bought as soon as I take some pictures of them. I got a bag, not the one from River Island, but a red one from the Marc B concession in Topshop. It looks a bit See by Chloe.
On Sunday, my friend and I spent the day at Westfield shopping centre - we queued for Hollister, spent ages in Topshop and went and obsessed over all the designer-goodness in The Village (above). We literally stared at the Mulberry Alexa for about 5 minutes. We had Nandos twice in 24 hours, because we're really dull and when we like something, we go repeatedly. So here I am at lunch in Westfield, with my chicken pitta and peri-peri chips.

When my friend and I were in Westfield, my friend and I saw this couple in MATCHING UGGS. We couldn't believe it, so she took a picture of them:

The best part of the weekend had to be bumping into Katie and Joe (of on the way to the Tube. They were so sweet and lovely and I can't believe they recognised me. My friend thinks it might have something to do with the bright green scarf I was wearing. We were so starstruck that we got on the wrong Tube. How we laughed.
Flo x
P.S. If anyone knows where I can get some tartan tights, tell me, because the ones I wore on Sunday got a ladder in them, and the pattern means that they can't be stitched up.


  1. Starstruck! Lol.

    Lovely to bump into you Flo.

    And, as for tartan tights, check out these guys

    They're only a tenner a pair, or something.

    J&K xx

  2. genuinly one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!


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