Thursday, 22 April 2010

Empty timetable day

Thanks to some EXCELLENT timetabling by my school, I have no lessons every alternate Wednesday. Yesterday was one such day. So Mama Eastoe and I headed up to London for some girly-bonding-time/to see Grace Kelly at the V&A/to go to some magazine party she had been invited to. 
Unfortunately all the photos I took are dreadful because they come from my mobile phone - I left my camera at home. 

I loved the V&A. I hadn't been before (although Mama Eastoe said that I had but didn't remember), and I was just amazed by the sheer amount of objects there. I loved the court casts (above) and couldn't believe that they got them into that room. I did realise that they took them apart in Italy and rebuilt them when they got them back to the museum but still, WOW, they're absolutely massive and someone, somewhere in history did all the carving.
Unfortunately, the Grace Kelly exhibit was sold out for the day, so I am going another day. 
My favourite object was this staircase: 
This staircase is from Italy and my inner history geek loves that it survives from Medieval/Renaissance times and it was transported without being damaged or anything. I wanted to climb up it but health and safety blah blah blah. What the picture doesn't show you is how intricate the carving on the central pillar and the banister is.  
We then headed to Harrods for afternoon tea. 
Mmmm Laduree.
I had raspberry, chocolate and vanilla mini macaroons and Mama Eastoe had pistachio and coffee mini macaroons.
I also had proper French hot chocolate, ie. what is essentially melted chocolate, which meant that I was so full I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. I could live off those macaroons for the rest of my life, especially the vanilla ones. 
Flo x

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