Monday, 5 April 2010

(Last) Thursday is the new Saturday

Denim and leather jackets are IN, bebes.

Making sweet sweet music

Drinking Cosmos like Carrie Bradshaw.

Justin Bieber?

Oooohh and I got the shoes!!!

(Nice carpet, Wetherspoons)

Flo x


  1. omgsh i am also totally lusting after these shoes! they're topshop right? i was tossing up between these and the Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms...which have ALREADY sold out!!! Yay I have a few questions about these shoes...are they suede or leather? Comfy? True to size? I am not very tall, will they cut my legs off at the ankles and make me look stumpy? Would REALLY appreciate your help!


  2. They are Topshop, and they're actually surprisingly comfortable - the edges rub around the ankles but I think because they're new. They're very true to size and have suede on the outside and leather on the inside.
    I'm only 5"5 (i.e quite short) but I've yet to wear anything with them that makes my legs look stumpy, but I'll keep you updated.
    They are the BEST SHOES EVER - I wore them to the cinema yesterday and my friend laughed at me because apparently I was "all dressed up".
    Hope this helps xx


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