Wednesday, 10 November 2010

19th Birthday

My birthday cake, made my mother, and decorated by my little sister:
I received some very lovely presents this year - my mum me got the THE BEST DRESS IN THE WORLD EVER. I didn't realise at the time, but it has pockets. (Pockets!) A dress with pockets is the best kind of dress. I'm wearing it now, and I tried to take photos but my room in halls terrible for photos - the lighting is truly dreadful. 
My brother bought me the benefit make-up I posted about back in September. It's just as good as I remember (again, photos to come when I have better lighting). 
My dad bought me these cashmere gloves and scarf. They're so warm and cosy, but I'm really worried about losing them, I'm terrible with gloves, I always lose the right hand. 
My sister got me a Topshop giftcard, my uni friends got me a lovely bookmark and all my drinks when we went to the pub in the evening, and a friend gave me American Psycho - I'm rush-reading all my uni books so I can give it my full attention. 
Flo x

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