Tuesday, 9 November 2010

In my inbox.

I checked my email on my birthday yesterday, much later in the day than I usually do, and I was very excited to see this in my inbox: 
It's a brilliant idea, sending me a discount on a day when there is a high chance of my being given some money that I'm not going to spend on food. 
I spent about half an hour looking through the site, trying to decide what to buy. I considered this t-shirt, but then realised that I rarely wear t-shirts, I thought about a classic hoodie, and some trousers, but in the end, I opted for this bodysuit in black. I have a leotard like it already from American Apparel but it's sleeveless, and therefore no good for winter, and I can wear this one with skirts, jeans, trousers, and under dresses too. 
Flo x


  1. that's a great bodysuit that will look amazing on you!
    i don't really like the t-shirt you have chosen, it's not particular. Whereas brightly coloured good quality bodysuits are very much AA.
    Happy birthday, btw :) are you 18 or 19 now?

  2. happy birthday sweetie! thanks for lovely comment!


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