Thursday, 4 November 2010

In love with a dress from Zara

 I took a trip into town with Grace on Tuesday and while she was waiting for me (I was inevitably running late), she wandered into Zara and spotted this dress. 
When she showed it to me, I emitted a high pitched girly squeal and had to try it on immediately. 
It's such a perfect dress. I'm usually a size Small/Medium in Zara, but I had to get the XS (which I was surprised they had in stock), as in the Small sagged on my shoulders and waist. I think the cut is beautiful, and I could wear it out to parties over Christmas but also to work with a pair of biker boots or Converse. 
I'm taking my mother to see it today on the off-chance she wants to put it on my birthday list. 
Flo x


  1. i am in love too - this dress is gorgeous :D
    DaisyLine from

  2. hi, i just found your blog and i have to say it's spectacular! i love your style! check out my blog and if you like it follow, i'll do the same!
    thank you!

  3. You sooooo have to get this dress it was made for your and a perfect canvas for loading on accessories too xoxo

  4. ah, i had my eyes on this dress too!
    we both need it.... it's perfect :) perfect for an elegant occasion, perfect for dinner, perfect for lunch, tea... even to go to uni to hand in that course work you know you gonna get a first for :)


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