Monday, 1 November 2010

Birthday Wish List

It's my 19th birthday a week today, so I have comprised my semi-realistic wish list of what I would love to find waiting for me on the breakfast on my birthday morning. 
I may have these trousers in tan and navy blue, but I really want a black pair - £35.99 from Zara. 
These gorgeous heels from Office, £68 (above)
A pair of cherry red Dr. Martens, £75 (below)
Tickets to see: 
Katy Perry & Take That

(I know they're both sold out, but a girl can dream). 
 Lovely lovely Ray Bans, £82 from Sunglass Hut
My tartan tights ripped last winter and I really want some new ones. 
I love Benefit make-up. I use Erase Paste all the time, and I'm running out and I posted about my love for The Porefessional here

I think this is the first birthday in a long time where I haven't asked for something specific, so I'm looking forward to being surprised. 
Flo x

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  1. waiting to find out what did you get :)
    following you.


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