Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Holiday Packing

Tomorrow I leave for my summer holiday with my family. We are driving (brave parents- they have three teenage children) through France to Italy, where we are renting a house in Tuscany for a week. On the drive there, we are spending a night in Dijon, and the next by Lake Como. On the return journey, we are staying in the Alps and having a night in Paris. 
My challenge is: we are driving there, meaning everything we are taking has to fit in the boot of our car and that I am limited as to the amount of clothes and shoes I can take. 
From left to right: 
Topshop jacket, Jaeger shirt, Zara trousers, floral Topshop dress, black Dorothy Perkins dress, (another) floral Topshop dress, floral H&M dress, tie dye dress from Topshop, black dress (also) from Topshop and (yet another) floral dress (also) from Topshop.
From left to right: 
grey H&M t-shirt, black American apparel body, blue and white vest from Warehouse, striped tee from Gap, beige shorts from Zara and denim shorts from River Island. 
From left to right:
Office wedges, beloved converse, Office sandals, Havaiana flip-flops, Office pumps and espadrilles I bought a few years ago in Italy. 
I hope everyone is having a good summer. 
Flo x

1 comment:

  1. I have the same Dorothy Perkins dress!
    Will you do a post or photo of you wearing it? Some inspiration of what to pair it with other than the same brown vintage belt + sandals would be nice

    Enjoy your holiday x


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