Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season Confusion

This is entirely the wrong time of year to be thinking about buying a bikini (unless you are one of those lucky folk who go on holiday to the Caribbean in December/January/February), especially given the huge amounts of snow that were piled up against my front door last week.
However, I was in American Apparel recently and I spotted this bra and pants set.
In the store it was in the swimwear section but on the website it's an underwear set. I'd wear it as a bikini, come the summer. The picture doesn't do the details justice, the 3D mesh stitching is gorgeous, and very figure flattering. The set is quite pricey: £25 for the top and £30 for the bottoms. I wouldn't buy it for myself, but I would ask for it as a present, or buy it if I had vouchers.
It also comes in white.
Image via American Apparel

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