Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fun at the fair

Funfairs. I love them.
When I was a lot younger (like, 7), I wanted to run away with the fair as soon as I was old enough and spend all my time going on the rides again and again. I love the rides, the food, the really odd people you meet there and how there always are small dogs and children running around.
I am scarily good at Dodgems. I took my driving test three times. Fear me.
They were definitely cheating, and now I have evidence to prove it.

The Waltzer is definitely my favourite ride.
I went again with my friends a few days after this, but my pictures didn't come out. Boo. 
My dress is from Topshop (so are all dresses the girls are wearing), and everyone's shoes are from Office (a weird coincidence, we didn't arrange that before we went out. Promise). 
Flo x

All these pictures were taken by the super talented Holly W.

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