Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Recent purchases

To get through the pain that is A Level revision, I went shopping. Quite a bit. Here are some of my best purchases:
This cotton dress from Topshop is really light and floaty. I'm definitely wearing it on holiday this year.
I went a bit crazy in Zara, getting shorts and trousers - the khakis below and an identical pair in navy blue.
The khakis are so cool and comfortable - they're a really light material. Khakis are really having a moment - both The Sartorialist and Disney Roller Girl have been talking about them. I wear mine with brogues or pumps are a sheer white shirt. 
I got these sandals from Office. I love the bright colour and that when I walk, the beads made a really satisfying noise as they move when I walk. I also got these wedges from Office, to wear with shorts or one of my many floral dresses:
I'm nearly done with my exams now - only 8 days until my summer officially starts! 
Flo x

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