Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year. It didn't get dark here in KentLand until 10pm. 
I normally celebrate with a walk (and perhaps dance) on the beach but this year I totally spaced because of revision and forgot all about it. Until this afternoon, when I was lounging around in the garden. 
So after a trip to the cinema, to see Wild Target (funny Brit comedy - Emily Blunt is hilarious and wears cool nail varnish, Bill Nighy looks old and Rupert Grint is Ron Weasely with a beard), my friend and I headed to the beach. 
I did a little dance. She didn't. 
ANYWAY the point of this very long story is that because it was Summer Solstice there was a gorgeous sunset: 
(Taken by Lora through my very dirty windscreen)
I am now officially very excited for summer. 
Flo x

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