Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Ball (part deux)

For my school ball, I didn't want my dress to be the same as anyone else's, meaning that I couldn't go to high street or get something from the internet, and nothing vintage or from boutiques ever fits me properly, which left me with one option: employ my mother's degree in Fashion Design and get her to make me one. 
We bought a Butterick dress pattern and then took several trips to Broadwick Silks to get the perfect material. After deciding on pink silk with plain black net, my loving parent spent several days putting it all together. We then took a trip to the Swarovski Crystallized shop and bought some pale pink crystals to put on.
To get the shape of the skirt, we bought some net from a little fabric shop in Whitstable, and created a petticoat to go underneath.

 I love this dress - it came out so perfect - and it was exactly what I wanted. I would happily wander around in it all the time, if only I wasn't so worried about getting something on it and staining it (I nearly cried when I thought someone had got red wine on it).
Worn with my vintage bag and heels from Office (in the sale!)
Flo x


  1. I literally can't believe your mum made this?! I was just about to ask you where you got it from because it's sosososo lovely! Hats off to your mama.xo

  2. Love it all the way!=D



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