Thursday, 22 July 2010

Topshop A/W 10/11 Lookbook

In case you haven't noticed, I rather like Topshop. So today I finally sat down and had a look at the Topshop lookbook for this coming season. I was really disappointed in Topshop's last winter collection (they had all those ridiculous vampire tops because they were cashing in on the Twilight craze), but this year's A/W is looking pretty good.
Most of the looks feature coats or jackets, which suggests that they are going to be part of my wardrobe this winter. There is also a variety of different hem lines, rather than the basic mini length, which makes things more interesting. The colour palette is also good - mostly dark but with bright splashes of colour make a difference from Topshop everything-must-be-black looks. Interestingly for a dress devotee, like me, there are only 3 or 4 dresses in the entire look book - the focus is mainly on separates. 
My three favourite looks:
This jacket is obviously Burberry inspired, and I really like the different shades of the fur/sheepskin/shearling on the jacket. I love the length and colour of this this skirt - I think it would look really good with a pair of thick wool tights.
Although this hat and cape together look a wee bit Inspector Gadget-esque, I like them both. Camel is going to be really big next season, especially in cape form, and I'm a sucker for any kind of hat. I also like the tartan on the skirt.
Another cape, this time in navy blue (my favourite colour!). I prefer this to the one above because it has a hood. Despite my love for hats (I have about 20), I rarely wear them due to my hair - hats and big curly hair don't mix - so a hood suits my needs perfectly, but very few coats have them. I really like the jodhpur-style leggins, but I'm really not sure about the boots. They look like they belong with a Balmain-style leather jacket.

Two other looks I liked:
I liked parts of these looks, but not the whole outfit:
I like the coat. It reminds me of a coat my dad still has somewhere in the back of his wardrobe that looks like what a football commentator might where. I really dislike the cable knit pattern on the top - why print the pattern when you can get the real thing? And I'm not sure about the structured skirt with the outfit. Nice socks though.
I love this skirt. I have a similar vintage Betty Jackson one that used to belong to my mother. I think the white boots are an interesting twist on the tougher black boots, or plain white trainers. The top half of this look confuses me. I can't tell whether that the t-shirt has a bra printed on it, or whether the model is wearing a bra over the t-shirt. Either way, I'm not keen. I admire anyone who can pull off wearing their underwear-as-outerwear, but it's not really a look for me.
What do you think of the look book?
Flo x

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