Sunday, 18 July 2010


I got a ticket to the Lovebox music festival last minute, so with two friends and my brother, we headed down to Victoria Park. My little brother, music devotee that he is, stayed by the barrier all day because he LOVES Dizzee Rascal. So, around the time Ellie Goulding arrived, I popped over to join him, so by the time Dizzee came on I had a front-of-barrier standing point, even if it did mean dealing with all the people who thought that because they had pushed their way through the crowd as Dizzee came on meant they could just shove us out of the way, or hit me round the head with a camera. 
On the waltzer with Hattie. 
Younger brother modelling the Lyle & Scott from the Spring/Summer '10 collection. 
The Midnight Beast ("YouTube sensation!")
View from the barrier:
Ellie Goulding:

Ellie walked past us and she is SO PRETTY in real life. She wasn't wearing any make-up and her skin looked so pure and clear. 
The Noisettes:

Chase & Status (or the guy who was with Chase & Status - they just sat at their keyboards)
DIZZEE RASCAL "Wassup Vick-EE Park!"

(No zoom).
Flo x

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