Friday, 23 July 2010

Commemoration Service.

When I finished school for my muck-up day, I didn't feel to sad, because I knew I would be going back there for my exams, and then seeing everyone at the Commemoration Service (also known as Commem). It all seemed far away in the distant future until yesterday when I realised that I had to call the school to confirm my attendance, and that this would be my final event as a Langton Girl. 
The service, held in Canterbury Cathedral, was the same as ever - talking without the teachers noticing, mouthing the words along to the hymns that I hadn't been to the rehearsal for, and folding up my programme, origami-style, until it falls apart. 
At the same time, the service felt different. I was aware that I hadn't walked down from school to the cathedral with the other teachers and pupils, that what I was wearing was different now that I am no longer constrained by uniform rules, and that I entered the service from a different entrance. The words of the service, had more resonance than they usually did (probably because before I knew I would be going back again) and the speeches made by the Head Girls made me cry a little. It really hit me that I wouldn't be part of that school tradition again. 
Another tradition is that after the service, the teachers will chat and talk with the leaving pupils outside the cathedral for a few minutes in a much more informal way than they would do at school. The teachers I spoke to were all kind enough to wish me Good Luck for the future and whatever I go on to do. 
A group of us with our old head teacher, Mr Stanton.
Lize, Annabel, Georgie and I with Mr Hanna, one of my English teachers. 
I can't believer how much I am going to miss my school - I had some wonderful times there and made some brilliant friends. 

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